Hal Bodner was born outside of Philadelphia. The first person he laid eyes on was the doctor who delivered him – C. Everet Coop, future surgeon general of the United States. Thus, Hal was ironically destined to become a heavy smoker.

Hal has a Bachelors degree in Playwrighting from Rutgers University and a juris doctorate from Rutgers University School of Law. He has other degrees which he is still trying to find a use for.

He moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles in the late 1980s and to West Hollywood a year later. He is determined to die here. He is vacillating between being laid to rest in a cemetery located in a bank parking lot or in one which has a gay ex-adult video star as its customer service person. He appreciates the macabre humor of both.

Hal has had many jobs and "careers". He was an entertainment lawyer, a scheduler for a 976 sex telephone line and the personal assistant to a television star. He has written theater reviews and journal articles. He now owns Heavy Petting, an over-the-top pet boutique in West Hollywood. He has never been a waiter.

For many years he served West Hollywood as the secretary of both the Gay & Lesbian Sheriff’s Conference Committee (responsible for anti-discrimination language being included in county-wide law enforcement contracts) and of the Lesbian & Gay Advisory Council.

He lives in West Hollywood in a fabulous apartment with an octogenarian spaniel mix, a shiba-inu, a neurotic toy schnauzer, a feisty lovebird and an irritable, flesh-eating military macaw named after his icon – Tallulah. Hal often quips that he is a slave to fur and feathers and regrets only that he isn’t referring to mink and marabou. He does not have cats because he tends to sneeze on them.

Rapidly approaching middle-age -- he remembers Nixon -- he is recently un-single and has the ring to prove it.

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